Dear Valued Employees, Guests, Family and Friends of Spradley Auto Network,

We take great honor in being your preferred dealership for sales, service and parts here in Pueblo, Colorado and your safety and well-being is our top priority.  In response to the growing concerns about the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), we want to provide an update on the steps we have put into place to help protect our guests and employees.

  • GREETINGS:  We have advised all dealership employees to suspend handshakes and physical contact with each other as well as with our guests.  While it is normally our policy to greet guests with a handshake and a smile, we are taking precautionary measures against spreading illness.  The smile and attentive guest focus will continue!

  • SANITATION:  Our janitorial staff and employees have been instructed to increase their focus on disinfecting high-touch surfaces within our offices and dealership(s).  Our employees will be sanitizing each vehicle after each test drive and each vehicle after vehicle maintenance. 


  • SUPPLIES:  We have secured extra supplies of disinfectants, alcohol wipes, hand sanitizers and gloves for employee and guest use.  If you are in our dealership, do not see and would like to used any of these items, please ask any of our employees. 

  • GUEST VEHICLES:  Our dealership employees have been instructed to continue the use of plastic seat covers, mats and plastice steering wheel covers on all guest vehicles.  These items will not be removed until the vehicle is delivered to you and a team member will remove these items using gloves. 

  • LOANER VEHICLES:  Loaner vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized using proper cleaning materials after each customer use. 

  • EMPLOYEES HEALTH:  Our employees are prohibited from coming to work at the first sign of illness, if they have been exposed to a COVID-19 patient, if they have traveled to a high impact area or have taken a cruise. 

While there is a lot of uncertainty because of COVID-19, we are grateful you have entrusted us to help you purchase and service your vehicle.  We are closely monitoring this evolving situation and will continue to update you with any changes to our company policies. 

Thank you for your business and trust.

Larry & Carol Spradley

Spradley Auto Network